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I look back and consider myself very lucky to have grown up in Southern Africa, a birding and wildlife paradise. It was here that I first became interested in all the nature that surrounded me.

My interest in optics came a later on when I was working as a safari guide in South Africa and used binoculars every single day as part of my job. During this time I had many guests who would either come on safari with poor quality binoculars, the best binoculars available or without any binoculars at all. It was always interesting comparing what they had against my own pair and this gave me an understanding of how the quality of the lenses, the weight, balance, toughness, objective lens diameter as well as many other factors affect the quality of a pair of binoculars.

>Spotting Scopes

Always wanting to get closer and closer to the action, spotting scopes were a natural progression from binoculars:

>Best Spotting Scopes Reviews website

It seemed to me that whilst there are many places that you can buy scopes, they just present you with a confusing array of scopes all described as the best thing since sliced bread, which makes deciding which is the best scope for your particular needs very hard to do.

When most people purchase their first spotting scope, they are pretty ignorant as to how the quality varies because they have not had the luxury of trying out different ones. There is also the general misconception that all you need is the largest magnification as possible and the larger the magnification the better the scope. So many people end up buying the scope with the biggest magnification at the cheapest price (a dangerous combination). Others over compensate and get the most expensive scope possible which, whilst are no doubt fantastic, but may not be suited for the desired use.

In the old days you would probably go down to your photographic shop and try out a few pairs before buying, in this modern age of the web that is not always possible or convienient. So with the aim of solving some of these issues the Best Scopes and Spotting Scope Reviews website was born.

>Quality not quantity

Not only is it impossible for me to review every scope on the market, but in some ways you can get baffled with too much chpice and so Best Spotting Scope Reviews aims to provide you with the best reviews of the best scopes and not the most.

When choosing which scopes to review I usually try and select a quality pair of optics (Best Scopes), so most of the optics on this site are some of the best in their field. If I do review a scope that I think it is rubbish, I will say so, or more likely if certain features fall short of the mark they will be highlighted, hopefully helping you make an informed choice.

>Want your scopes reviewed?

If you would like me to review your scopes on this website, I would love to hear from you >> Contact Me

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